French Green Candidate Yannick Jadot refuses to be the “apocalypse candidate”

Ecologist Yannick Jadot refuses to be the “apocalypse candidate”

Jadot had no problems presenting his main steps as he was invited by La Fabrique écologique on January 5th. He plans to abandon the airport project Notre-Dame-des-Landes, as well as the construction of a train tunnel under the Alps, as he refers to it as “unnecessary”.

The former Greenpeace leader also plans to reduce the nuclear part in the electricity production by 50% until 2025, and the closing of twenty four nuclear reactors.

With 2 to 4% of the votes expected in surveys from 2016, Yannick Jadot says he will not back down: he refuses to hear about ecology being the setback to the times of candles, and is persistent about his ideas of innovation, technology and economy being the future. Jadot understands the current place of ecology in politics, and wants to change their methods; a vice-prime minister in charge of ecology could ease its transition.

Agriculture was a long-discussed subject, and Jadot is worried about the current nutrition problems. He wishes to change the production model. As he is convinced about the urgency of the topics he talked about, he absolutely wants the ecology wing to get out of its current situation.

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