French Health Minister Marisol Touraine trolls Emmanuel Macron with emojis

Emmanuel Macron, the founder of the movement “En Marche!” and presidential candidate does not exclusively have friends at the government. When he promised a “cultural revolution” in regards to health mattters, relying on prevention, the health minister Marisol Touraine reminded him how things were on social media. Enforcing her point with lots of emojis, she told him that that had already been achieved with president Francois Hollande.


At a meeting in Nevers, Macron explained every point he would like to change and improve. He promises the complete reimbursement of government finances as early as 2020, relying on cutting costs with glasses, dental implants, hearing aids. That’s the exact opposite of Francois Fillon’s project to stop any kind of reimbursement.

Macron also wanted to fix the “national objective that the generation that’s born today will be a generation without tobacco”. The ambitious idea made Marisol Touraine smile, because she’d unveiled that exact plan in 2014. Additionally, Macron promised to double the number of medical facilities, whereas Touraine claims it had already been multiplied by ten under Francois Hollande. At the beginning of his five-year term, the number was at 235, and rose above 1000 in 2015. The promise Macron made confirms the will to keep this dynamic and get more and more medial facilities out there.

Another proposal, another comeback. Macron plans to remove the practice of the “paying third”, when Touraine sends him survey results clearly showing that 73% French population is very atttached to it. Ironically, the same survey showed that Macron as the winner of the “primaries of the right”.