Syria’s Al-Assad would support victory of France’s Fillon

Bachar Al-Assad would support the victory of presidential candidate Francois Fillon of the Republican Party. In an interview he gave to three French news outlets, he said that he welcomes his plan to restore contact between France and Syria.

“His speech about terrorists, his priority of fighting them and not mess with other people’s business are what makes me like him” declared Al-Assad before becoming cautious: “What we have learned in the past years, is that many people holding big responsibility say something and then do the opposite of that. I am not saying that Mr. Fillon will do the same, and I hope not. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, because we don’t have contact but if he does what he says it would be very good for our relationship.

Fillon, supporter of Russian “realism”

On the subject of Syria, Fillon prones a coalition with Russia and an alliance with Bachar Al-Assad to eliminate the Islamic State. In a paper released in April 2016, he explains his position: “For three years, I repeat again and again that, because we made the removal of Assad our priority, we have let ISIS gain territory and power.” The candidate defends the “realism” of Russia on the subject.

When asked about the situation in Aleppo in October, he responded: “I don’t know, I am not there”.