The ‘Mélenchon style’ according to his fans? It rocks!

His speeches get admiration from some and epidermic reactins from others. But what is the impact of Jean-Luc-Mélenchon’s speeches? This Sunday, the presidential candidate suddenly appeared at Tourcoing with his campaign team, to tackle the topic of the miscarriage of an employee of Auchan, a French supermarket chain. The goal of these kind of gatherings that Mélenchon promises to make a lot more of, is to use the current events to exhibit the ideas of the “Rebellious France”.

Because the theater in Tourcoing was rapidly overflowing with over 500 “Rebels”, the speech was held outside. True to his reputation, he used big phrases to get his audience hooked, and explained his projects as the French president. The intermittent humorous parts are what gives Mélenchon his recognition value.

Sometimes, his tone produces vibrations that give us hope and courage” explains Theo, a young fan of Mélenchon’s. Listening to other candidates doesn’t make nearly as much of an impression. Jean-Michel, a farmer particularly appreciates Mélenchon for the “social justice” he promises and a “change of the rules for everyone”. Dylan, a young man dreaming of becoming a teacher is extremely enthusiastic about Mélenchons “pedagogy”, “it’s a simple discourse that’s accessible to everyone”.