France Arise President Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to attract Sarozy’s orphans

The problems Francois Fillon encountered with the launch of his electoral campaign are a joy for Nicolas Dupont-Aignant, the president of the movement “Debout la France” (DLF) (France Arise). “The people of Paris had the impression that Fillon’s victory bothered me, but I see the exact opposite because a whole electorate of the right does not want the Front National and its counter-productive politics” says the mayor of Yennes (in Essonne).

According to him, his rival of the right takes very hard measures such as an increase of the VAT or the “removal of numerous jobs in public services” and the decrease of retirement pensions. “His program will stop growth and put us into a deflationary spiral” the mayor declares.

Dupont-Aignan sees a demand of authority in that working class electorate, and many “orphans of sarkozysm”. He wants to attract them with a project that’s centered around the “cause” of problems. “No president has ever been elected without the working class electorate and at a time where we have the luck to get rid of the socialists we should not leave that electorate, which Fillon’s politics will achieve,” the candidate says.

Even if Fillon calls himself “christian and following de Gaulle’s ideas,” Aignan doesn’t believe that the catholic voters of the DLF can be convinced to vote for him. “Fillon is not gaullist, which means putting the independence of France above all else. He also falls into the religious communism, which I strongly disagree with”.