The Socalist’s face an uphill stuggle gaining support from the people of France

The left now has the chance to propose it’s candidate to it’s voters so they can choose their presidential candidate. The Socialist Party has managed to catch up with the LR, but didn’t attract the ecologists, who have left for the Green party.

Christophe Borgel specified the outlines of the election during a press conference, and the Socialist party saw the opportunity to unveil the look of the polling place.,

Unlike the right who gave the supervision of the list system to an independent organisation, the left wing did it themselves, it was “made in France”

Thomas Clay says:

“The brutality of the debates has neither the same intensity nor the same subject. There are hatreds among the candidates on the right, we may think that our primary will be more opposed to the projects than the candidates. Therefore less violent. “

The next debate will decide if he was right.,

Although the right wing had over 10.000 polling places, the left wing now only has 7530 available. This speaks of a lack of efficiency, but the lack of polling places doesn’t seem to be a problem: if you now want to vote in a lesser populated place, you’ll have to travel a few kilometres. Another reason is the number of volunteers, which is slightly less than in 2011. Voting will now only cost 1€ if you vote at the primary left, compared to 2€ required to vote in the right.


To vote for the primary right, you had to be written in the electoral lists of December 31st of 2015, so more people are able to come and with less difficulties.

With the Socialist Party vote only weeks away, it remains to be seen if the left wing of France can strengthen their resolve in the same way as the right.  With Forward! and Macron breathing down their necks, the Socialist’s face a difficult time in convincing France they are the real deal.