Immigration: in Nice, François Fillon promotes his radical program

Threatened by Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in surveys, François Fillon tries to revive his campaign. The right wing candidate was in Nice to talk about immigration.

At a small post built by the rails, between Menton and Vintimille, two officers are taking turns in trying to dissuade migrants from passing, despite the risks. The trains are going over 100 km/h.

He also earned his applause when presenting his idea of removing the state medical aid, although the highlight remains the immigration idea.

But his main idea is his radical immigration program, which he defended in front of  2 000 people in Nice. He claims that France doesn’t need immigration, and to reduce it, he is ready to put pressure on the immigrant’s native countries. He plans to target Africa. 

Fillon wants to fix a legal immigration quota: “
I want the parliament to be able to adopt a quota limiting the number of foreigners that will be accepted depending on the integration capacity and the economic needs”.
The candidate didn’t give out any numbers, but at least he resumed his offensive in an area where he will for sure score some points.