Mélenchon calls on banks to finance Marine Le Pen’s campaign, or ban them

Jean-Luc Mélenchon flying to the front of the National Front (FN): this could remain one of the most unusual images of the presidential campaign. During his interview on BFMTV on Monday, during which he took stock of the financing of his own campaign (he was able to collect 8 million euros from two cooperative banks), the Unsubmissive France (LFI) candidate said the decision of banks not to lend to FN was “unfair”.

“Either the National Front is banned as a party that is dangerous to democracy, or it is a party that has elected representatives (…) like the others, and in this case there is no reason for a banker to make ostracise them”

Without advocating for the money to be given to the FN,  Jean-Luc Mélenchon nevertheless agreed to that the bankers should have mercy on the National Front. In March 2014, in a debate before the 17th chamber of the Correctional Court of Paris, Mélenchon had defended the use of the adjective “fascist “towards the National Front, considering at the time that the Party of Marine Le Pen donned the markers “typical” of fascism.

The FN calls for a law

On the side of the National Front, Florian Philippot, Vice-President of the FN, welcomed this support at two levels. “First, we see that the banks prefer Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Marine Le Pen, which is always a good indicator of the anti-system character of our candidate. Then the reaction of Mélenchon is a reaction of common sense because it is time that all the political class goes to this law that is demanded to oblige a French banking institution to finance the candidates for the presidential. The problem must be resolved once and for all and only the legislator can. ”

In the FN, where we are still looking for six million euros for the campaign, it is now considered that this issue of funding makes “consensus” in most political parties, Republicans in the PS. But some frontists questioned the motives of the amiable reaction of Mélenchon. “Maybe he does not wish to verify the idea that the real enemy of big finance is not him, but Marine Le Pen?”, It is fun in the entourage of The president of the National Front.

Source: Mélenchon appelle les banques à financer la campagne de Marine Le Pen