Peillon: “Fillon, commended by Putin and Assad, is a shame for our country”

Former Minister of Education Vincent Peillon, candidate at the primary election of the left wing, vividly took on Francois Fillon at the first debate of the primaries.

Peillon wants to be the “president who turns the page” from the “divisions” that mark the present times. The candidate, whose first debate was the 12th of January describes “a difficult international environment, full of uncertainty”. Very quickly, during his first speech, he heavily criticised the candidate of the right wing for the presidential election, Francois Fillon.
“the right itself does not represent hope anymore. Mister Fillon takes on secularism, the next day he tries to tackle social security. He’s welcomed by Putin, and now by Bachar Al-Assad. It’s a shame for our country”
Wishing that “France marks its surge” and shares “common ambitions”, Vincent Peillon defends his political family. “I want to make the left I believe in today win the election, in this historic moment, it’s the only way to make France win”, he concluded to answer the question of his presidential ambitions. “Europe is collapsing, France is a country where people hate each other”, Peillon described, establishing his will to change French politics.