Macron, Le Pen and a hologram Mélechon will be in Lyon from the 4th to the 5th of February

February the 4th is expected to be a turn in Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. After Nevers, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Quimper, it is in Lyon that the En Marche! movement will easily fill the stadium. The meeting that is being prepared was announced as “a very important moment in the campaign” during which there will be “multiple announcements”. Shortly after this message was posted on Facebook, there were already over  3 000 people confirming they would attend.


This success lets the organizers of the public meeting shiver. The sports palace of Gerland has been rented for the event, but the 7 000 seem to be a small number now. They want to avoid an overflow of people and are looking for solutions to welcome everybody, like installing giant screens on the outside of the sports palace.


“Emmanuel Macron will find himself submerged in the crowd”


It remains out of question to book a bigger hall, “It is simply a question of the price, we don’t have the financial power to do more”, quotes Bruno Bonnell. He states the 300 000 Euros meeting by the Porte de Versialle and the necessity to “avoid blowing up the counters”. The sports palace’s unique geographical position is why the En Marche! team chose this location, conform with the innovative form of Macron’s campaign.


Mélenchon’s hologram


At least three candidates will be in Lyon on this particular weekend, as Marine Le Pen already booked the amphitheatre, with a little over 3 000 places.
Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced on Thursday that he also chose Lyon on these two days to hold a meeting, with the intention of “doubling” himself with a hologram as he will also hold a meeting in Paris at the same time.
“During this weekend, we will play the game of the numbers, but also the game of symbols. We will witness two opposed visions of France”, resumed Bruno Bonnell.
On one hand, Marine Le Pen in denial of globalization and anger, and on the other hand, Emmanuel Macron with the necessary change to trust and boldness.
Mélenchon added that he wants to “oppose the obscurantism (Front National) to an open mind and the law of sharing”.