Why Marine Le Pen is accelerating her campaigning

Her campaign’s official start was planned in Lyon in early February, but the Front National candidate seems to begin earlier.

“While campaigning, you never have the time to wait”, words spoken by a strategical campaign member of Marine Le Pen, and they nicely explain the changes made by the FN candidate. A party leader also stated that “the full regime” is still planned for “after-Lyon”. Le Pen had officially declared that her campaign would start in Lyon during a convention, on the 4th of February 2017, during which she would present her electoral program.

It now seems the FN president has changed her plans. While she had a radio-television show on Tuesday, a presentation of her wishes on Wednesday, a meeting with journalists of the Anglo-American Press Association of Paris and a discrete meeting at a nuclear reactor on Saturday, the first week of January sure seemed like a presidential campaign for Marine Le Pen.

Fillon and Macron as main opponents


Facing François Fillon, Macron needs to cover ground fast, as he will be his main opponent during the election. Several Front National supporters believe that the candidate of the right is slowing down. “It shows in the media, he is not the one leading.“, an advisor for Marine Le Pen explains.

The danger will henceforth come from Emmanuel Macron, seen as the “alternative opponent should there be a second round” by Le Pen’s team, especially since his climbing in surveys. “It seems to be real. It is a very Parisian phenomenon, people are talking about it. It isn’t only in the papers or on television”, one of her advisors adds.