Marine Le Pen sees globalist Macron’s success in the polls as a “gift”

While Emmanuel Macron starts to make the left wing panic, people are calm and relaxed on the side of the Front National. Marine Le Pen assured the Press-France Agency that she had “no worries” about Emmanuel Macron’s rise in power. She states that having “that unashamed globalist” as an opponent in the second round of the presidential election would be a “gift”. “If Macron had to face me in the second round, what a great gift! One can only dream of such a clear confrontation of ideas”, the president of the Front National and candidate at the election declared.
Francois Hollande’s former Minister of economic affairs “stands for unashamed globalism, whilst the others are ashamed and try to make people believe that they are patriotic, like Fillon”, she added.
“We’re waiting for Macron to definitely kill the Socialist Party”
“Macron is an absolute giant fool when it will come to talk about the substance of the matters, it’s going to be a lot harder for him. So far, what he says in his meetings are platitudes”, Marine Le Pen mocked. No worries at the Front National therefore, as opposed to the Socialist Party and in the right wing, about the “phenomenon” that is Macron? “Absolutely not. I would say it’s hope. A face to face battle between a caricature of a globalist and a patriot like me is the best case scenario”, Marine Le Pen added.
The woman who repeats that the real fracture line is not between the right and the left anymore, but between “the globalists and the patriots” sees an opportunity for a huge reshuffle in this potential duel.
“Right now, we are waiting for Macron to definitely kill the Socialist Party and after that, we are going to destroy his program”, a spokesperson of the Front National said.