Donald Trump and Theresa May are applying Marine Le Pen’s program

“We have to do economic patriotism and intelligent protection”, a program that Donald Trump “is applying in the US right now, that Mrs. May is applying in the UK”, the candidate of the Front National for the presidential elections declared and added: “In reality, they are applying Marine Le Pen’s program.”
“And it’s working great because, with one tweet, Donald Trump has caused more relocations than Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande have in ten years of mandate”, she stated. Here, a reference to Trump’s tweet that supposedly convinced Ford not to invest in Mexico by building a factory and to relocate the jobs to the US”.
Marine Le Pen was on a trip to Behren-lès-Forbach, accompanied by Florian Philippot, vice-president of the FN, to visit a company producing windows that’s owned by an FN candidate for the legislative elections in Paris.
A few kilometers from the border with Germany and Luxembourg, Marine Le Pen reminded everyone that she wants to leave the euro, responsible, according to her, for the loss of competitiveness of France.
When asked about the fate oh tens of thousands of people working across borders, the candidate responded: “Restoring borders does not mean building barbed wire walls, it’s an act of sovereignty that 95% of countries in the world have”.
What would happen if everyone had their own money again? “We would be extremely competitive with Germany again” she asserted, explaining that the “loss in competitiveness is due to that currency”.

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