After France, will Hollande be president of the European Council?

According to several sources close to Francois Hollande anonymously quoted by the newspaper Le Parisien, the French president is aiming to become the head of the European Council, currently led by Polishman Donald Tusk, whose term ends in late May of 2017.

In fact, some members of his entourage of Hollande, who has to leave the presidential office in May, have interpreted his declaration, that Europe does “not need any advice from outside to tell us what to do” towards Donald Trump as proof for his ambitions.
However, two potential obstacles could make his way to the function hard for the president. Firstly, the president of the Council has to be designated by the majority of the 28 leaders of the European Union even though Brussels is leaning “very, very heavily towards the right” a confidential person.
But most importantly, the candidate has to be designated by… the president of France. However, if the right candidate Francois Fillon is elected, it is not very probable that he grants Hollande “this present” another man of confidence says.
Composed of the 28 head of states of the European Union, the European Council is responsible for the big choices and directions of the EU.