Mélenchon rules out any ideas about approaching the Socialists

If “diplomacy is a weapon of the weak”, then Jean-Luc feels very strong. Carried by the crowd of supporters during his meetings and interviews, the leader of La France rejected, with his flowery style, any ideas of discussion with the future winner of the primary of the Socialist Party. “I am not interested in such twaddle”, he explained Sunday while Arnoud Montebourg and Benoit Hamon multiply their use of nudges regarding Mélenchon.

Last Friday, the former minister of productive Recovery assured once again that if he would win the primary of the Socialist Party, he would instantly call Jean-Luc Mélenchon to try and find “focal points”. Same attitude for Benoit Hamon who answers with “yes for discussion”, with his former Socialist Party comrade.

“Emmanuel Macron lives somewhere else. He lives so far away that he talks to people like housemaids”
-Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Mélenchon only expresses one proposition: the winner of the primary gets in line behind him. For the socialists, there is only contempt: “Here, we are talking about serious things, which is leading the fifth most powerful country in the world should there be a general war. The rest is fairytales, stories for children.” The future socialist candidate doesn’t see his main enemy as Mélenchon, but rather Emmanuel Macron.

A Packed Theatre

Like him, he fills his meeting rooms. Like him, he stands in the middle during interviews and appears to be the third man of 2017, if not better. So Mélenchon charges him. “Mr. Macron isn’t leftist”, he assures. The solutions he proposes “fail since thirty years, it’s just the liberalism.” And, “this man lives elsewhere. When he speaks, it’s like he addresses his servants, he screams at them. I don’t do that.” It seems like he is trying to get into a confrontation with Emmanuel Macron.

In reality, Emmanuel Macron is also an allied to Mélenchon in his fight to crush the PS. Probably why he thanks this “very brave man” of “doing everything he can to help the others stuck with me”. He sounds ironic but he describes reality, the socialist party threatened to be destroyed with its primary.
It doesn’t matter if a right wing representative is tempted to switch to Macron’s side or a right wing tenant imposes himself and it will be Jean-Luc Mélenchon who will be able to welcome the rebels of the PS. In both cases, the Socialists will collapse.