To surpass Macron, Mélenchon wants to “unite plebs and hipsters”

In an interview he gave to Marianne, to be published this Friday, Jean-Luc Mélenchon rules out the idea of reconciliation with Macron

“You’ll see, it’s going to be rock’n roll” Mélenchon warns. The polls are coming in and the tendency is confirmed with the persistent disappointment of a part for the Socialist voters. Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon occupy the first spots on the ranking of the left in the polls. The candidate of the Unsubdued France movement goes with it and takes his chance in this presidential election.


The rise of independent candidates without parties and communist basis’ adhesion to his candidature validate his strategy without concessions, a “solitary adventure” according to his critics. Facing the progression of Emmanuel Macron, the only candidate that may win the second round in the left wing according to surveys, a dream duel is for Jean-Lux Mélenchon is foreseeable: a fight to the death between two irreconcilable faces of the left.


“The century will start in 2017 if I am elected”, he claims. “Nothing less. The noise and the anger from 2012 have given way to a strong optimism, and especially the preoccupation of uniting a left wing split between “hipsters” and “plebs”.
“Federate them, yes! Both of them find their points in my program.  When I talk about complete social security, it’s for everyone. When I make a proposal about ecological plans, it’s for everyone. Peace, or the common good water, same thing. Eradicate causes of malnutrition, it’s the same: everybody eats. There you have examples”, the former senator explains. The former minister warns: “Federate, that means that no one gives up his own preoccupations and goals, but that people think about where and how they can merge with other’s goals”.
But no way to listen to the wish of some from the left wing that dream of a progressive arc joining the left, “from Macron to Mélenchon”, the only hope to save an election that’s already lost. “What does that even mean, ‘uniting the left wing’, when one adds ‘from Macron to Mélenchon’? Between the economic thinking of Macron and mine, there’s such a difference… It would be ridiculous”, the founder of the Party of the Left judges.
About Marine Le Pen, who has closed the debate about a rapprochement between the FN and parts of the right, Jean-Luc Mélenchon will only accept alliances, but no negotiations. Meanwhile, he will spend his Thursday night talking to the “plebs” rather than the “hipsters” because he has a meeting in Florange, Moselle.