France Arise leader Nicolas Dupont-Aignan speaks out about immigration

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, France Arise candidate for French president this spring, and the mayor of Yerres, Essonne, began the offensive on Tuesday in  a statement on immigration. After a speaking about “migratory invasion” in France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan drew a parallel with the situation in France, where fertility is declining for the second consecutive year.

 “While our country is experiencing an alarming slowing of the birthrate, the Socialists compensate the demographic deficit of our country by opening the gates of immigration,” writes the candidate. “Emmanuel Macron and the Socialists see in mass immigration an economic opportunity, an electoral clientele, and the best way to deconstruct our identity. With the left, population change is now”.


A political strategy

Wednesday morning, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan took over and substantiated his argument in an article published by  Current Values . “The figures are there, which show in the course of their regular publication that this fear [of ‘big replacement’] refers to a reality (…).” For him, the “dynamics of replacement” is there. The word is dropped.

But in fact, to what exactly does this expression correspond? It was popularized by theorist Renaud Camus, a figure of the identity movement: “A people was there, stable, occupying the same territory for fifteen or twenty centuries, and suddenly, in one or two generations, one or more other peoples are substituted for him, he is replaced, it is not him, “he wrote in an interview published in the French Action’s website, quoted by Liberation in 2015.


The FN divided on the issue

At the National Front, however, everyone is not at ease with the expression. Florian Philippot himself had rejected in May 2016 due to the “blurring” it implies. “I do not talk like that because it is vague, I do not know what you put behind it,” he had then said on BFM TV . In 2014 he also denounced the “complicated dimension” behind the term. Marion Maréchal-Le Pen , however, has already stated in the media that there was “a population replacement with a cultural alternative.” Like Stéphane Ravier , Mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, in September 2015 at the summer school of the FN.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s resumption of the term “grand lieu” is therefore far from being a coincidence: it constitutes a political strategy for those who try hard to exist: materially – funds for the campaign are difficult to find – but also politically: it is for him to make a place on the right, between François Fillon and Marine Le Pen.

Interviewed by Le Figaro , the applicant denies any “calculation” and says he wants to go “to the citizens who live every day.” “I am not for zero immigration but for taking into account this rampant replacement,” he says again. An axis that will take an important place in its campaign, with “the relocation of employment”.