Macron is not the only one who wants candidates with a clean, criminal record

MISINFORMATION – Emmanuel Macron, the self-proclaimed candidate of the renewal, wants to impose a requirement that demands an empty police record of the candidates participating in his movement during the elections. During a press conference on Thursday, he explained that “the designations during the elections will be based on five criteria”, including “Probity. Our candidates must show an absolute integrity in their values and actions, it is a necessary condition to reconcile the French with the political life. None of our candidates should have a criminal record or a disqualification of the elections. This is once again a subject which no political force detained.”. Therefore, is the candidate the only one having this idea? Absolutely not.

REHAB – As part of the left primary, this measure is part of Vincent Peillon’s program. He writes “I will, as eligibility condition, demand an absence of conviction.” Arnaud Montebourg also supports this idea, stating “This is part of my DNA, so it feels very obvious.” And if a similar measure has already been reprimanded, he sees why his opponents also proposed this measure: “I think it is a very good idea. I didn’t know that Vincent Peillon or Emmanuel Macron would propose it, and I think it is a good idea.”

Regarding the ineligibility, the former minister of productive Recovery also addressed the question: “I am favourable to the ineligibility to life for all that ever got convicted.”

Jean-Luc Bennahmias also explained “I want ineligibility for life regarding convictions because of corruption”, and François De Rugy also responded on this proposition: “I am supportive of it, I also voted for the amendment on this subject during the Assembly.

A political force has already proposed an amendment on this subject and two propositions of laws. The Socialist Party. The fight, lead by the PS deputy and the PS senator, has been engaged during the National Assembly and at the Senate. Henri Cabanel has registered the amendment to the upper Chamber, deleted by the Law Commission of the Senate. But the deputy retook the torch at the Assembly and dropped off the amendment again, which was finally voted during the last round. Finally, the “scholars” judged it as against the Constitution, because an organic law is required to touch the ineligibility of parliamentarians.

Two laws have been proposed: on one side, the candidates of the left primary who signed: Peillon, Montebourg, Hamon, De Rugy and Bennahmias. On the other side of the political spectrum, François Asselineau and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, are demanding a clean criminal record for the candidates.