“With this kind of energy, Benoît Hamon is in the second round”, his spokesman says

The dynamism is here. And on the side of Benoît Hamon, it is not expected to end on Sunday the 22nd, the night of the first round in the primaries of the left. Invited by “.pol”, the web edition of the Huffington Post partnering with Linternaute.com, LE JDD and Le Lab d’Europe 1, his spokesman Pascal Cherki explained his program.

“When we started the primaries we asked ourselves why he was a candidate at only 10%”, the deputy of Paris remembers.

A few weeks later, he is more confident. “I think that with the dynamism we have, we are in the second round. Our campaign was a success because we have managed to tell people that the left can be modern”, the official in Paris congratulates himself, that does not have a doubt about the former minister of education’s victory the 29th of January.

“7% in the polls, that’s excellent”


But Pascal Cherki looks further, and his reasoning could disrupt some. Even though a survey by Ipsos for Le Monde credits Benoît Hamon with only 7% of votes, his spokesperson is satisfied and predicts a score of more than 20% in the first round, the 23rd of April. “Because we started low, we know the process of winning an election”.

“We started the primaries at the primaries. 7% (at the presidential elections), that’s excellent. Knowing that we will at least triple our votes compared to the first poll of the primaries, if we triple our votes at the presidential election, it means that we’re at 20% at least before the campaign even starts. So there is no problem. 7%, that’s good”, he tries to persuade himself.

For that to happen in the primaries, there is one key condition: that many people go to the 7500 places to vote. “The fewer participants there are, the harder it will be for the elected candidate of the primaries. But if participation is high, it gives the candidate legitimacy. Because I told Emmanuel (Macron) and Jean-Luc (Mélenchon), it’s better for people to vote for you”. The idea is obvious: the democratic legitimacy of the winner and the momentum caused by the primaries will allow him to catch up with the former Minister of economic affairs who settled for the third rank in the polls.



“Macron would sell snow to Eskimos”

Emmanuel Macron, exactly. Pascal Cherki estimates that he cannot embody the renewal. “His whole journey is in the system. Colleges, high administration, banks, commissions of experts, general vice-secretary of the Elysée, minister… There is only one thing he hasn’t done yet: being elected”, the deputy explains.

And what a rebel to tell an anecdote in the middle of a debate about Macron’s law. “I told him once: ‘you, you are Mr. Oliveira from Tintin. That guy, you’re buying an umbrella because you’re hot, and you come back with a bunch of things you don’t need’. I said: ‘You’re great, you could sell snow to an Eskimo.’ That’s a way to say that he’s not an antipathetic character”

But he criticizes his strategy of being a parasite in the primaries. “He wants to do everything to keep voters away from the primaries. But filling the halls does not guarantee success. Because in politics, in the presidential elections, one only stays in ambiguity at his own expense. And when he comes out, the problems will start for him, because you can’t be left and right”, Pascal Cherki believes.

Fillon? “A man with principles”

In the coming presidential campaign, Pascal Cherki does not dread running into Francois Fillon. “He has one political quality: he’s a man with principles. We do not agree but we recognize his legitimacy to make proposals. I disagree with what he plans to do, but it will be an interesting duel with Benoît Hamon.” There’s just one step left: that his candidate wins the primaries.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2017/01/19/avec-cette-dynamique-benoit-hamon-est-au-second-tour-assure-s/?utm_hp_ref=fr-presidentielle-2017