In Berlin, François Fillon meets Angela Merkel and defends the Franco-German axis

After the first round of the primary left, François Fillon chose to go to Berlin, Monday, January 23. The presidential candidate from the right-wing Republican Party met Angela Merkel, at around 12 o’clock in Germany – a meeting to which fellow right-winger Marine Le Pen was not invited.

“I came to her to present the priorities of my presidential project, and my priorities to redress Europe. I came to her to say that Europe is in crisis, it is threatened by the politics in America, Russia , and China, and she needs to find a real pragmatic project built on intergovernmental bases “ , said the former prime minister before the cameras, before repeating his ambition to strengthen the Franco-German axis. For him, it is important “not for romantic reasons, not for reasons of celebrations or for historical reasons, that’s behind us now, but for future construction of the reasons” .

“Without a strong understanding between our two countries, there is no Europe and if there is no Europe, our continent is open to all, the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese and me, it is not at all the idea that I have of our continent. “

Disagreements, particularly on refugees

During the meeting, Fillon outlined the points that make more consensus between the two countries: better governance of the Euro area or a policy of development of Africa that Ms Merkel must submit to the next G20. Fillon also put on the table his proposal to Alliance defense , that is to say better cooperation military between France and Germany as Donald Trump recently ruled NATO “obsolete” .

But there are still many points of disagreement between Paris and Berlin, especially on the issue of refugees. “France does not have to accept quotas of refugees. It looks every state “ , said the French candidate for the release of his interview. There is also the thorny issue of relations with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. Germany wants especially not hear talk of a lifting of sanctions while Mr Fillon advocates the end of this policy provided that Russia applies the Minsk agreements. “The question is how to find a dialogue with Russia while defending our interests. The sanctions have had no effectiveness “ , Mr Fillon estimated.

“I will face the opponents that will be given to me”

Before making a speech on Europe at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the French candidate will meet the Minister of Finance German Wolfgang Schäuble on Monday. An interview where Mr. Fillon’s deficit in the case of an election, that is to say 3.6%, will be discussed. To do this go to the Germans, the former Prime Minister had reiterated that engage structural reforms in the first three months of his election.

Berlin, the candidate of the right has commented the result of the first round of the primary left quite succinctly by projecting a defeat of Manuel Valls  :

“I will face opponents that you will give me, I have no judgment to bear on the choice of left-wing voters. What I see is that there will be three candidates left: Mr. Mélenchon to the extreme left, Mr. Macron who will wear the policy Hollande because it is the only one who does not reject and then without Doubt the slingers of the PS [with Benoît Hamon]. “


Source: In Berlin, François Fillon meets Angela Merkel and defends the Franco-German axis