Mélenchon: The winner of the Socialist Primary will likely concede to Macron

An abandonment by the winner of the Socialist Primary in favour of Emmanuel Macron “is a possibility”, said Jean-Luc Mélenchon during an interview at Journal du Dimanche. The first ballot, to which the candidate of La France Insoumise and the former minister of economy refused to participate, was won on Sunday by Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls.

Multiple surveys currently consider the winner of this consultation, whoever he’ll be, coming fifth during the first round of the elections, in April. “Why do we need a socialist candidate? What good will he do?”, the European deputy adds. According to him, his candidature as leader of the En Marche! movement “force the Socialist Party to quit the double talk which killed the party.”

Emmanuel Macron and Mélenchon will, therefore, lure a part of the voters from the program which he quit in 2008, Mr. Mélenchon adds. Should there be a second ballot on Sunday which will “probably be between Benoit Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg”, he will trigger “a massive bleeding of the entire right wing” of the Socialist Party to the former minister of Economy.

Societal relations

All the candidates promised to work on a rally of the left, excluding their retreat for Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Emmanuel Macron. Mélenchon already excluded all agreements with the winner of the primary, only planning a coalescence behind him. Macron also rejected the hypothesis of an agreement with the Socialist Party.

During the interview, the candidate of La France Insoumise also addressed the societal relations of his program as he pronounced in favour of the suicidal assist right, as well as the medically assisted procreation for couples of women, and the legalisation of cannabis, but spoke against gestational surrogacy.


Source: http://www.lemonde.fr/election-presidentielle-2017/article/2017/01/22/jean-luc-melenchon-juge-probable-un-desistement-du-vainqueur-de-la-primaire-de-la-gauche_5066841_4854003.html