Jean-Luc Mélenchon looks forward to Hamon’s primary win                                  

The possible victory of Benoît Hamon in the second round of the socialist primary makes Jean-Luc Mélenchon rubs his hands with glee. At least that’s the message he and his side want to get across. According to their analysis, the phenomenon Hamon is, is the proof that the “cultural battle” that they lead to the PS “begins to bear fruit”. Hamon as winner would then have only the choice to join Mélenchon or assume his “power of nuisance” and “lose the left”


Jean-Luc Mélenchon displays a serenity in regards to Hamon and his probable victory this Sunday.  The second round of the primary of the “Belle Alliance Populaire”, even delights the camp of the champion of France Insoumise. On Wednesday, on his Facebook page, he has published a message in a caustic fashion in which he said he “confident” about the turn of the primary.

It is a confidence confirmed by the latest polls showing that Hamon that would barely reach 8% …

Eric Coquerel, policy coordinator of the Left Party, who watched the debate Wednesday night, spoke to Marianne, saying that if “Hamon was good”, he “pumped portions of our program on environmental planning to report for ‘general interest”. Not kind to other participants who “went to the primary so totally improvised, because it was not the expected scenario” , Coquerel judged that “only Hamon has a program” which borrows elements from Jean movement Luc Mélenchon “to single out” in this primary. An exercise which falls according to him most of the “PS do not congress whatsoever on participation or the shenanigans on the numbers”.

“Less than one in two people who had voted in 2011 has not moved. It will not confer any legitimacy to the winner,”  he says

An enthusiasm also shared by Danielle Simonnet, Paris advisor and actress, from the TGV which brings her back to Paris. ” I did not see the debate because I played my show last night in Bayonne” , she confesses. But in view of the first round, she said, those involved in this primary do so with the intention of getting rid of Valls” , what is “good news for either.” Another reason to rejoice, develops Danielle Simonnet like his comrade, is that ” Hamon recycle what they say for years. Clearly, he was inspired by the France Insoumise program.”

“The cultural battle that is life begins to bear fruit” , slice does.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the way to win the cultural battle against the PS?

Observers and commentators-often blinded by an over-psychologizing reading of political life-have often summed up Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s strategy of “going beyond the PS” as a desire for revenge on his former comrades, a simple egotic blister transformed into a political compass . But Mélenchon, a follower of Antonio Gramsci – the major Marxist theoretician of the 20th century – as well as Eric Zemmour and Patrick Buisson, firmly believes that the key to any political victory lies first in the struggle for independence Cultural hegemony. This is confirmed by the Parisian politician:

“We remain convinced that we will win the political battle that when won the battle of ideas .”

However, in the camp of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it is considered that this victory is about to be won. The time of a PS central pillar of the French left during forty years would be gone. “The PS is in the role in which he wanted to put us for years, no matter who is the winner of the primary, he has no chance to pass the second round.” Only Jean-Luc is in capacity to the left of the do. If Hamon Sunday winner fate Monday he will have to ask this question: “either I take my power to harm and I lose the left, or I decide to be helpful and I agree the dynamics of France Infidel” , “He says.

“The PS is dead!”, Already decreed its share Danielle Simonnet who shares the conviction of Coquerel:We can not stand behind someone who is ready to stand behind Valls if he wins the primary. If Hamon wins Sunday, he will still endorse the PS label and the policy of the government in which he participated. Exactly what the people no longer want “. 

A blind confidence in their chance at the risk of selling the skin of the Socialist before completing it.




Source: Benoît Hamon? Mélenchon wants to make only one mouthful