Green’s Yannick Jadot asks Benoît Hamon to leave the Socialist Party

Responding to the offer given Sunday by the winner of the primary on the left, Yannick Jadot, the Green Party (EELV) candidate said that if the door of discussions with the Socialists (PS) are not closed, Benoît Hamon must leave the party.

Nailed to the bottom in the polls and still not assured to get the 500 signatures required, the candidate nominated by the ecologically interested EELV, has heard the call of Benoît Hamon after his victory Sunday night.

As the champion of the primary of the left announced: he will address as of Monday an offer of collaboration to his competitors Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot, proposing them to form a future governmental majority. Appearing as a guest Monday morning on BFM TV, the EELV MEP appeared in awkward situation. “You have before you an environmental activist and a happy presidential candidate,” he assured nonetheless, before setting his conditions to Benoît Hamon.

“Let’s go beyond the ego to talk about projects, go beyond devices to talk about France,” said the environmentalist candidate. One thing is certain, Yannick Jadot does not intend to disappear for the moment. For he is the candidate nominated by the primary alliance of the Popular alliance, and is convinced that he will be on the starting line of the first round of the presidential voting.


“Today there is a Jadot bulletin! And I will have my signatures: we are above 350, and there are 10 to 15 who come in a day. There will be a newsletter Jadot, “hammered the person concerned. “The only  is: are we capable of launching an incredible dynamic outside the devices, on the ecology and the social?” Asked the candidate of the EELV.

A dialogue under conditions

For the moment, it must be understood that there will be no environmental withdrawal before the first round, and that if the Yvelines deputy wants support Yannick Jadot, he must in essence break with the party that nominated him for the presidential election. “Of course, he does what he wants. But if the plan of Benoît Hamon is to compromise with Manuel Valls, Jean-Marie Le Guen, Stéphane Le Foll, all those who unfortunately in this five-year period have organized a huge mess (…), there will be NO great dynamics, “warns the MEP.

“What is being asked today is the issue of coherence. Is Benoît Hamon going to make the new François Hollande of synthesis today? (…) And at that time, the PS, who headed this country, who turned his back on ecology everyday, will reduce it, will stun it? And at that moment, finally, it will only be a socialist candidate? “Asks Yannick Jadot.

“The demand of a good part of France is the horizon, and the dynamics outside the parties. If Benedict Hamon is ready to emancipate himself from a Socialist party that has never believed in his ecologist views (…) If Benoît Hamon is ready for this great adventure, I would join him my own political formation so that we may launch into this great adventure of ecology and sociology, and then we will discuss, “promises the victorious adversary of Cécile Duflot.

Source: The green Yannick Jadot asks Benoît Hamon to get rid of the PS