Socialist MP joins PS deputy in support for Emmanuel Macron

After the Parti socialiste (PS) deputy, Alain Calmette, announced his support for Emmanuel Macron, Sunday evening, his elected colleague of the Loire announced Monday his support for Macron for the presidential election.


Jean-Louis Gagnaire, announced Monday in a text published on his website , his rallying to Emmanuel Macron for the presidential election . Supporting Manuel Valls during the left primary, the parliamentarian believes that the former Minister of Economy is the only one “able to win the duel between the right of François Fillon and the far right of Marine Le Pen. ”


How can I bring my political support to a presidential candidate in breach of the government’s record?” For Jean-Louis Gagnaire, “the project of Benoît Hamon won on a line of rupture with Social-Democracy, on an unreachable project”. “How can we forget the divisions and schemes that have seriously contributed to the weakening of the Institutions of the Republic and the Socialist Party throughout the legislature?” He adds. It was impossible for him to support such a candidate.

As his colleague Alain Calmette, he decided to turn to Emmanuel Macron, more in line with their political line. With them, they could be a dozen deputies to support the former Minister of Economy, rather than the winner of the primary organized by the Socialist Party. According to the MP Philippe Doucet, member of the Pole of the Reformers and close to Manuel Valls, the majority of the supporters of the former Prime Minister should not follow Emmanuel Macron, but a good part of him wonders.

“We see each other tomorrow, we will discuss it, but I think it’s not that simple. First of all because we do not know what Emmanuel Macron thinks …”, slips the parliamentarian. Members of the right wing of the PS openly consider a “right of withdrawal”.

Source: Le député PS Jean-Louis Gagnaire annonce son ralliement à Emmanuel Macron