François Fillon: Trumps travel ban is “dangerous for the world”

François Fillon attacked the travel ban on seven countries implemented by US President Donald Trump, saying, “The immigration policy of Mr Trump, based solely on religion, is dangerous for the world and the future of our alliance.”

His words come in stark constrast to those of Steeve Briois, the National Front party’s vice president and a member of Le Pen’s campaign, who told Agence France-Presse that they would certainly be open to copying Trump’s ban in France.


Fillon, who is not now expected to win in the first round of voting according to a recent poll, has been trying to push forward his campaign and drown out allegations of corruption over claims he paid his wife and children from public money.

Marine Le Pen herself has not spoken publicly about the travel ban. Since the beginning of her campaign, she has maintained that she wants to pull France out of the European Union, reinforce the country’s borders and crack down on immigration.