Journalist from “Quotidien” removed from conference after questioning Le Pen

A journalist from the French TV show “Quotidien” was ejected Wednesday afternoon by the security of the Salon des Entrepreneurs when he tried to ask questions of National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

In full view of Marine Le Pen at the business fair , Wednesday afternoon in Paris, a journalist from TMC “Daily” show was pushed and ejected by the security services. Paul Larrouturou tried to question the frontist, as was the case with many media outlets, when two members of security vigorously pushed him to the door. Then followed with insults and intimidations, under the eye of several cameras.

Before his violent removal, Larrouturou could be seen in the media scrum around right-wing presidential candidate Le Pen. After saying hello, he asked her: “Was your bodyguard really your parliamentary assistant or…” but was seemingly grabbed from behind before finishing the question.

Paul Larrouturou then tried to return to the pit level, his pass accreditation in hand: “You know the freedom of the press, gentlemen? I asked a question, I am accredited, “he said. But the two men in black ejected him again, retorting that “he assaulted the agents of the police”. Contacted by The HuffPost , the journalist of the popular program “infotainment” said he did not understand what had happened.

For the safety of members of the show


The Salon des Entrepreneurs, organizer of the event at the convention center (Paris), acknowledged with puremé the two men appearing in the image were part of their security service. “There was a crowd movement,” explained one of the communications department, without justifying why Paul Larrouturou and his cameraman were particularly targeted. He pushed, he was asked to leave. There was a risk. “Also joined by the media site, the National Front declined any responsibility. “It’s not us. There were no instructions. We are not at the Palace. ”


It is common knowledge that the National Front systematically refuses to accredit the journalists of Quotidien as those of Mediapart. The presence of journalists of Yann Barthès, for example, were refused entry this weekend at the presidential convention of the FN in Lyon.

On 1 May 2015, journalists from the “Petit Journal” on Canal + Version Yann Barthes, including Paul Larrouturou, as a team of France 5, had been attacked by FPI activists , annoyed to see them filming the scenes of their honor Joan of Arc, Place de l’Opera in Paris. The MEP Bruno Gollnisch, himself had put his hand to the pulp by tapping the journalists with his umbrella

In a video of the incident posted by the official Quotidien Twitter handle a spokesperson for the programme said: “We simply wished to know if Marine Le Pen’s bodyguard had a fictitious role at the European Parliament or not.”


Source: A journalist from “Quotidien” violently fired following Marine Le Pen – Le Parisien