Marine Le Pen on CNN: anti-Russian sanctions are “completely stupid”


Questioned by the American news channel, the president of the National Front spoke about the first decisions of Donald Trump, immigration and the issue of sanctions against Russia.

“These sanctions are totally stupid. They did not solve any problems, they did not improve the situation at all. All they did was create a major economic problem for Europe. ” Marine Le Pen did not mince words when answering questions from CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour about the economic sanctions taken by the United States and the European Union against Russia.

Speaking about Crimea, she stressed that she did not consider that Russia had “invaded” the Ukrainian region which was attached to the Russian territory following a popular referendum in 2014. The election not recognized by the West and which is at the the origin of the sanctions against Moscow.

Marine Le Pen defends Donald Trump

Not surprisingly, the immigration issue occupied part of the interview and triggered a moment of tension. Christiane Amanpour referred to an interview given in 2012 by Marine Le Pen to the Australian channel SBS. During the latter, the leader of the National Front had said: “Would you accept that 12 illegals come to settle in your apartment? You would not accept. And that in addition they change the wallpaper, and that even for some of them they steal your wallet and that they brutalize your wife. You would not accept. ”

Reminding her of this passage, Marine Le Pen denounced an error of translation and stressed that she wanted to make the comparison between a sovereign country that can decide “who it accepts” and the domicile of an individual.

Asked about the controversial presidential decree signed by Donald Trump, which foresees a 90-day ban on entering US territory for nationals of seven countries, including Syria, Libya, Iraq and Iran, Marine Le Pen said “It’s a temporary measure. It concerns only six or seven countries that represent a terrorist threat, “she said. “So I think Donald Trump and his special services wanted to establish criteria and conditions to prevent potential terrorists from coming to the United States where they could commit attacks such as France when it was the victim. ”

Marine Le Pen notably recalled that some Muslim countries are implementing the same type of measure against Israeli citizens. 

As to whether, once elected, she would take the same type of decision, she did not respond directly, recalling that France had to be “very vigilant” and secure its borders. Before attacking one of her favorite targets: Brussels. “France has no borders because of the European Union,” she said.

The European Parliament, an ‘adversary’ of the National Front

In addition, Marine Le Pen recalled that she would organize a referendum on the membership of France within the European Union. She reiterated her opposition to free trade by praising Donald Trump’s recent decisions on the matter.

“I see that these ideas are being implemented by the British following the Brexit referendum, and I think that after the election of Donald Trump, people are also calling for an end to this wild and uncontrolled globalization, We are moving towards more patriotism, preservation of local culture and jobs, “she said.

As for the case against the European Parliament which accuses the National Front of having paid 300 000 euros between 2010 and 2016 to Catherine Griset, assistant to Marine Le Pen,  the president of the FN defended itself. “This is unacceptable, We are being persecuted by the European Parliament. They are our opponents, “she said.

Source: Marine Le Pen on CNN: anti-Russian sanctions are “completely stupid” – RT in French