Emmanuel Macron in Lyon to give “very personal speech” 

Emmanuel Macron will give the people of Lyon this afternoon, Saturday 3rd Feburary, a “very personal speech” which should allow himself to clarify his “political identity”.

With 8,000 to 10,000 people expected at the Palais de Sports in Gerland, this long-awaited meeting, designated as a symbolic marker in the campaign of Mr. Macron, should be the highlight of a week when the stars seemed to be aligned for the former Minister of Economy.

Last Sunday, the victory of Benoît Hamon, the left wing member of the PS, in the extended Socialist primary, opened a space to him in the center. On his right, the storm that is Francois Fillon, bogged down in the “Penelopegate”, brings back to him support.

This good luck has also materialized in the polls. On Saturday, a second consecutive survey, conducted this time by BVA-Salesforce, gives it to the second round of the presidential with 21-22% of voting intentions, and finally winner against Marine Le Pen (66% -34% ) in the race at the Elysée.


“We recorded 5,000 new members between the evening of Sunday and Monday evening”, in the wake of the primary of the PS, underlines the spokesman of En Marche!, Benjamin Griveaux. “We have 2,000 members per day, and since last week, we have counted 1,000 local events organized by the committees of En Marche! We feel that there is a dynamic,” he insists.

In these favorable conditions, the they look forward to the meeting in Lyon, with less than three months to go until the first round, says Richard Ferrand, general secretary of En Marche!

According to his entourage, the former Minister of Economy will first issue a “very personal speech”, starting from “his history, how his has walked”, returning on the creation of En Marche! in April 2016, and his exit from the government at the end of August.

– ‘Neither right nor left’? –

“But the real thread will be: what political identity does he represent on a totally destabilized chessboard, where major parties have failed in some way, where ideological breaks are observed in the very right and left, Where there is no longer any unity, ” he said.

This should be the opportunity for the former business banker to clarify his positioning, while his detractors mock his posture “neither right, nor left,” or “right and left” and accuse him of “Maintaining the blur around his program”.

Mr. Macron, whose project is still under development under the leadership of the economist Jean Pisani-Ferry and is due to be presented as a whole at the end of February, nevertheless tried this week to “twist the idea” that he had no proposals by including certain economic and fiscal measures. He will develop next Thursday the ecological part of its program at a Facebook Live event organized in partnership with the WWF.

Meanwhile, he will also show his muscles in front of Marine Le Pen who holds a rally in the capital of Gaules two days of “Presidential Assises” this weekend.

“It is assumed to be facing Marine Le Pen at the same time and in the same city, because it is essential for us to prevent her from winning, ideally to be even in the second round with Mr. Macron.”

M. Macron is, however, assured of having a room entirely full, Lyon being a breeding ground fertile for his movement. Senator-Mayor Gérard Collomb was one of his first supporters and took part of the local political scene in his wake.

Other new supporters are also expected, such as former anti-corruption judge Eric Halphen, academician Marc Lambron, mathematician Cédric Villani and perhaps Jacques Chirac’s former minister Noëlle Lenoir. And on this occasion, “campaign visuals” will also be unveiled, including the poster that will line the walls until the first round on April 23rd.


Source: Depeche – Presidential election: Macron in Lyon for a “coup de gong” meeting – France 24