François Fillon “apologizes” and maintains his candidacy

At a press conference at his campaign headquarters in Paris, François Fillon “presented his apology to the French” and acknowledged a “mistake,” Monday, February 6th. But he repeated his desire to keep his candidacy for president .

The candidate of the Republicans (LR) claimed that “all the facts mentioned are legal and transparent” , despite the investigation of the national financial body on suspicion of fictitious jobs which would have benefited his wife, Penelope Fillon, as assistant parliamentary. “Her salary was perfectly justified because its activities were essential to my chosen activities”, he has said.

Referring to the interview with Ms Fillon in the Daily Telegraph in 2007, former Prime Minister clarified the sentence of his wife , who said she had “never been his assistant”  :

“She was never my subordinate (…). She has always been, first and foremost my fellow worker and my staff. “

Penelope Fillon ‘assistant was not without the knowledge of his own accord “ , added the candidate LR. “Yes, my wife was aware, my wife is my collaborator” , he insisted.

Documents published in the evening

“I have nothing to hide” , said Mr Fillon, adding, “I will publish on the Internet in the evening a table of remuneration received by my wife and my statement as I passed” to high authority for the transparency of public life “in December” .

About the investigation opened by the national financial body, Fillon said that it was “not [of] good bodies” . “My lawyers have just reported to the financial national body, it probably was not competent” , has he said, without giving further details.

The winner of the primary right has also said that “there was not” of “Plan B, as Berezina” in his presidential bid:

”  I was chosen by millions of French, I am not the candidate of a party. No proceeding has the legitimacy to put into question the vote in the primary. […] In any case, the polls will not make me change my mind. I am a presidential candidate to win . “

Earlier in the morning, Alain Juppé, who came second in the primary to the right, was repeated in a pithy messages posted on Twitter  : “For me, NO, it is NOT” , cutting short the rumors of the possibility of him taking over as Republican candidate in the presidential election in case of François Fillon forfeiting.