“There is not a French culture”: Macron attracts the wrath of the right

France’s right-wing attacked Emmanuel Macron’s words in Lyon yesterday, calling him a “blissful globalist”. That was due to comments he made during his speech, saying “there is not a French culture, there is a culture in France and it is diverse .”

The former Rothchild banker and En Marche! candidate for the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, caused strong reactions from Republican and Front National members over his choice of words during a speech in Lyon this weekend.

Lawyer Gilbert Collard, secretary general of the Rassemblement Bleu Marine, was blunt with his attack, tweeting “a bank account has never written anything.”


Candidate of the Republicans (LR) for the council in Lyon, Anne Lore, criticized the “blissful globalism” of the former minister of the Economy and worried that “the identity [of France]” is put “in the dungeons “.

Senator Philippe Dallier (LR) felt that such a position reflected the leanings of a “communitarian left”.

The president of the Christian Democratic Party, Christine Boutin, using the hashtag “#defendYourFrenchCultureAgainstMacron”,  highlighted what she saw as reflective of French culture.

French media also took the insult to heart, with Le Figaro writing “The former Minister of Economy joins this ultra-liberal fringe of the economic world who thinks that a product is French even if it is manufactured in China or elsewhere.”

Macron has seen much success in recent polls, thanks largely to the case of François Fillon and allegations he paid his wife taxpayer money for a job she didn’t do. At a time when Fillon (and his voters) are still very much in dispute over his future, it doesn’t seem the wisest choice to offend the right-wing.

Source: “There is not a French culture”: Macron attracts the wrath of the right – RT in French