Emmanuel Macron performed an unexpected show on Monday night to an audience of 900 supporters gathered at the Bobino theater, in Paris. The latter did not even expect to see him: only four delegates of the movement En Marche!, including his secretary general Richard Ferrand, were on the official program for the evening. On the train that brought him back from Lyon on Saturday, where he had just held his first major campaign, Macron came up with the idea to greet his supporters at the event, but just an idea. Nothing more and nothing certain. No doubt galvanized by the curious performance of François Fillon in the late afternoon, Emmanuel Macron changed his plans.

Half an hour after the beginning of what was supposed to be a question-and-answer session between the public and the representatives of the movement, the candidate entered the stage to surprise and general rapture. Immediately, he responsed to the attack from Fillon, who that afternoon had called him a ” guru” ,  and accused him of having “no program”.

Some people think we are in a cult”  said Macron “I assure you our project will not set itself on fire. This is a project for the country and this sect has just over 60 million members! “  Then to reassure his troops on the release schedule of its program. ” At the end of next week, we will present our macroeconomic strategy. I will commit myself to a governance and a method. Let all be reassured, we prepare to preside over and govern. “


Macron wasn’t finished. The  “derogatory rumor”  that has haunted him for nearly two years caught his attention: his alleged homosexuality, and specifically, his relationship with Matthieu Gallet, CEO of Radio France. A rumor that in recent weeks has put pressure on the direction of the movement, subject to the recurring threat of dissemination of stolen photos. Macron had at first not taken the matter seriously, saying such photos did not exist. But in the face of the increasingly distuptive climate of the presidential campaign, he went on the defence. ” I’m a block” , he reassured his supporters.

You hear things, I am duplicitous, I have a hidden life. It’s unpleasant to Brigitte who  wondered how I physically do it, “  he said with humor, “She shares my life from morning to night. And  I’ve never paid for it! I can not duplicate myself. If diners in town they tell you that I have a double life with Matthieu Gallet. It is my hologram that escaped me, it can not be me! “  The laughter broke out in the room, with a standing ovation. ” Be hawkers demanding our ambition,”  he encouraged ” Do not let go, fight, you Engage!” .