Marine Le Pen denounces the “lies” of François Fillon

The president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, denounced on Tuesday a “lie” in the explanations provided the day before by François Fillon, who defended the past employment of his wife Penelope and two of his children as parliamentary assistants .

“I do not understand what François Fillon is doing,” Marine Le Pen told LCI. “He explained that he did not want to submit to the media court and he made a great press conference to come and ask forgiveness for something which, at the same time, he explains is perfectly legal and that there is no problem “.

For the president of the FN, there is “lie” when François Fillon “comes to explain that he did not understand that the French did not appreciate that one can work with someone of his family”. “But if he did not understand this, why did he stop this contract just a few days before the introduction of a law on transparency which obliges to publicize this type of contract?”, She asked. “This is where there is lies.”

François Fillon presented Monday at a press conference “apologies” to the French for the “error” of having used his wife, while ensuring that “all the facts evoked” were “legal and transparent”.

Marine Le Pen also asked about the “customers” of the 2F consulting company, founded in 2012 by François Fillon. “What I would like to know is whether there are traffics of influence or conflicts of interest”, she said, considering that “the independence of the Presidential candidate “.

“We learned that Mr. Fillon was paid at his conferences by Axa (…) Mr. Fillon’s (…) program as it happens goes exactly to the benefit of the major insurance companies Since it is really about allowing mutuals to take the place of Social Security, “she said, asking” if there are other cases like that. “

“Has he lectured, for example, for Qatar, or related organizations, for Saudi Arabia, or related organizations?” Because, when he was prime minister, he put in place a law Tax exemption on real estate gains, specifically for Saudi and Qatari nationals, “Ms. Le Pen continued.

Source: Marine Le Pen sur Fillon: “There’s a lie”