France’s DGSE believes Russia is working to get Marine Le Pen elected

Will Russia interfere in the French presidential campaign? That is the fear of the French security service The Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE). According to the French weekly newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné, in its edition dated February 8, the DGSE are preparing for a Russian cyber attack. “The level of alert is such that a defense council will be held at the Elysée on this subject,” the paper said.

On October 28, “political parties were summoned to the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security” to participate in a “digital security awareness” seminar. The representatives were also given a USB key which contained a “computer hygiene guide”. Le Canard Enchaîné stresses that all parties were present “expect the National Front. Though invited, the far-right has declined.”

According to the DGSE, Russia intends to support the candidacy of Marine Le Pen  “on social networks through web robots that will generate positive messages by the thousands. Or by revealing confidential data and messages of her opponents.” Contacted by , vice president of the National Front Florian Philippot said he would rely on “the state to secure the presidential election.”

“In November, when the former minister announced his candidacy, En Marche!” faced a hundred intrusion attempts, “said Le Canard Enchaîné, noting that these attacks have “surged” since January, matching the rise of the candidate in the polls. By coincidence (or not), This period corresponds to the beginning of the withdrawal of François Fillon in the voting intentions. The weekly reports 1922 attempts of intrusion, of which 907 come from Ukraine.

“Russian interference in France combines all levels: legal, illegal and limit, but all complement each other. The information that Russian pirates obtain on a candidate (illegal) are published by the Russian media (legal) after passing through Wikileaks, summarizes Nicolas Hénin. A mode of operation that perfectly fits the situation described for Emmanuel Macron.

Source: Marine Le Pen : la Russie pousserait sa candidature, selon la DGSE