70% of French think Fillon should withdraw, Alain Juppé “best substitute”

According to an Odoxa poll for Franceinfo released on Friday, 79% were not convinced by the explanations of the Republician candidate for the French Presidential election.  

After two weeks of silence, François Fillon,  at the heart of a preliminary investigation for embezzlement of public funds, explained his case to the French, Monday, February 6. But this press conference did not have the expected effect: four days later, 79% of those polled admit they were not convinced by the defense of the presidential candidate of Les Républicains, according to an Odoxa poll for Franceinfo. His right-wing sympathizers are no exception, with 61% displeased by his actions.

Worse still, three-quarters of the French (74%) and half of the right-wing sympathizers (53%) now have a “bad opinion” of the former prime minister.“The former poll favorite has fallen 29 points since November with the French, and 15 points right since January 27  after the first revelations of the Canard enchained,” explained Gaël Sliman,the president of Odoxa.

7 out of 10 people ask him to withdraw

This “bad opinion” results in a disavowal of the French candidate Fillon. 70% of them asked him to give up running for the presidential election. The candidate of the right accelerates his fall: a week ago, only 61% of the French thought that he should leave the race.

The right-wing sympathizers who want him to leave are now a majority (53%), whereas they were “only” 46% last week. “Even the hard core voters of The Republicans are beginning to crack , noted Gaël Sliman. “There are still 63% wanting his candidacy, but there was 68% last week.”

Alain Juppé, the “best substitute” for half of the French

In case of dismissal of François Fillon, Alain Juppé remains the best placed. The mayor of Bordeaux refuses to appear as a plan B,  but “he literally crushes the competition,” said Gaël Sliman the president of Odoxa. Francois Baroin (15%), and Xavier Bertrand (13%) were the best replacements by 50% of the French, far behind the second.

Survey was conducted on the Internet on 8 and 9 February with a sample of 1,001 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, including 248 leftist sympathizers, 380 right-wing sympathizers and 231 right-wing sympathizers outside FN.


Source: France Fillon: eight French out of ten have not been convinced by the defense of the candidate, according to Odoxa poll for franceinfo