Léa Salamé accused of anti-Semitism after questioning Le Pen on dual nationality of Jews

French journalist Léa Salamé was yesterday accused of anti-Semitism due to questions she asked of Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. The incident took place during the political news show L’Emission politique, which gained a record audience share thanks to Le Pen’s presence.

“Israel is not a European country. I believe that even Israel agrees to say and think it. I am against dual extra-European nationality,” replied Marine Le Pen to the question of Lea Salamé, who asked her if she “intended” to ask the French Jews to renounce their dual Israeli nationality”, during the interview on France 2 on 9 February.

Faced with the reply of the candidate, the journalist insisted: “So you ask the French Jews who are watching us to give up, if they want to have dual nationality.”

“They and the others […]. It is not the Jews but the Israelis to whom I ask to choose their nationality, “replieed the president of the National Front.

On Twitter, the exchange did not go unnoticed with several Internet users shocked by the comments made by Lea Salamé.

“For Lea Salame against MLP, Jews from France have dual French and Israeli nationality. Outrageous“, tweeted Philippe Meyer, vice president of the Jewish organization B’nai B’rith France.


“Is there a point of anti-Semitism in Léa Salamé that suggests that all Jews have dual French-Israeli nationality?” Asked another Internet user.

“Léa Salamé and Marine Le Pen are devoted to the anti-Semitic myth of the dual nationality of the Jews,” said the site pro-Zionist Europe Israel


An organization denounces the “unacceptable” remarks of Le Pen

Qualita, an organization that federates associations and Francophone communities in Israel, denounced the proposal of Marine Le Pen.

Its president, Ariel Kandel, told AFP: “These are words unacceptable to the Jews of France. They mark an additional step in the will of Marine Le Pen to destroy the identity of the Jews of France which is linked both to Judaism and their relations with Israel.”



Source: Lea Salamé accused of anti-Semitism after questioning Le Pen on dual nationality of “Jews” – RT in French