Fillon welcomed without pots and whistles in Reunion Island

Far from the French capital Paris, François Fillon hopes to find some breathing space on Reunion Island.

For those who follow the campaign, the contrast is striking. While his visits to Paris are welcomed by protesters with whistles and pans,  François Fillon’s arrival this Saturday morning on the island of Reunion was much more pleasant.

A joyful welcome committee was there to meet the Republican candidate as he descended from the plane, allowing him a brief respite from the scandal he faces in France over allegations he used tax payer money to pay his wife and children for jobs they didn’t do.

This three-day stay on the island in the Indian Ocean is a chance for recovery for the former prime minister who is plunging into the polls and is no longer assured of making it though to the first round on April 23rd. “They want to get down and kill the right, and I will not let that happen, and our voters are starting to have had more than enough,” he said in an interview with the La Quotidien newspaper. 

In his first statement, he explained being in Reunion Island, “a symbol of the greatness of France but also of the evils of our country to know unemployment and insecurity”. During these three days, he will also have to explain himself about a sentence attributed to him on Thursday evening in Poitiers. “There is nothing shameful in saying that France is not a Mosaic country,” he said.


Source: Fillon welcomed without pots and whistles in Reunion Island