French Greens vote on negotiations with Hamon and Mélenchon

France’s “Europe Ecology-The Greens” (EELV) will put to the vote the question of if it should hold discussions with Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the party announced this Friday.

“It was decided … that the various stages of reflection and decision-making should be validated, or not, by those who took part in the presidential adventure at the time of primary,” explained David Cormand, National Secretary of EELV.

A first vote will take place “as soon as possible next week”, according to Cormand, adding that it would be done by Internet and would last three days.

The vote will determine “if the people who participated in the primary are in agreement to discuss with Benoît Hamon but also with Jean-Luc Mélenchon,” said the ecologist.

Voters will have to adopt or reject “a basic mandate for discussions” which will focus on “energy transition” , the “progressive” and “final” exit of nuclear energy, “a Sixth Republic which recognizes citizen participation” , and a “re-foundation of Europe emancipated from lobbies ” and “refocused on ecology, solidarity and democracy.”

“In the logic of reinvention of the party”

“It’s quite unprecedented, ” said Cormand. “This is part of the logic of reinvention of the party that we wanted to put in place at the last Congress,” he added.

The discussions between the camps of the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot and his socialist counterpart Benoît Hamon, which have already started, would therefore be continued or interrupted according to the result of the vote, which will be made public.

Talks with Jean-Luc Mélenchon are for the moment only a draft, but would be encouraged or discarded according to the result.

A second ballot will be held later in case of agreement on the program. The same voters will then be asked to decide on the text of the agreement and a “joint application” .

This second vote would take place before the end of February, according to Mr. Cormand, and ideally before the 23rd, when elected officials will begin receiving their sponsorship kits for the presidential election.

The entourages of Jadot and Hamon are scheduled to meet again on Sunday.

Source: Faut-il négocier avec Hamon et Mélenchon ? EELV fait voter ses militants