Macron again calls for skilled US workers unhappy with Trump to come to France

The presidential candidate published a video in English on his Facebook account in an attempt to convince American entrepreneurs and researchers to come to France.

I have got a message for you guys”. In a video message entirely in English, Emmanuel Macron, for a second time, called on Friday for US engineers and researchers to come to work on climate change in France. “For here they are welcome,” insisted the candidate of En Marche!, who hopes to reverse the brain drain in the United States. It was also an opportunity to distinguish himself from his competitors with his mastery of English, and to support an international stature in view of the presidential election.


His arguments? “Your new president is extremely skeptical about the climate,” justified Emmanuel Macron, who presented his measures this week on the environment. But the candidate also wants to reassure French and European researchers by stating that he will not touch the budgets and that he will continue to evolve the sector.

Several messages in one, therefore: one for the Americans and one, almost more important, for the French. Emmanuel Macron seems indeed attached to prove his mastery, at least his much better level of English against his competitors in the race at the Elysee. We remember in particular the attempt of the journalists during the last debate of the primary of the left to make the candidates express themselves in the language of Shakespeare. Manuel Valls had preferred to emphasize his mastery of Spanish, Benoit Hamon had answered a simple “Yes” , with a very French accent.

Moreover, the wife of François Fillon, Penelope, is British. Many of their children are bilingual. The former Prime Minister, however, is less talented.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon assumes that he does not know how to speak English. As for Marine Le Pen, she refuses to try it before the media, and indeed has criticised Macron recently for speaking English.


Source: VIDEO. Macron launches a call to the Americans … and sends a message to the French – Le Parisien