François Fillon in Reunion Island: “I will fight to the end”

He will fight “to the end”, François Fillon said at his meeting in Saint-Pierre de la Réunion on Sunday (February 12th). For the moment, the right-wing presidential candidate is fighting “against the left of Benoît Hamon who dreams the impossible because he is incapable of building the possible.”

The case of “Penelopegate” never ceases. Plunged into the turmoil of the supposed fictitious jobs of his wife, François Fillon hopes to postpone the outrage with to his trip to Reunion . He reaffirmed that he would fight “to the end” , Sunday at a meeting in Saint-Pierre of Reunion, before several thousand people.

“I am attacked, 24 hours a day, but I also receive innumerable supporters. I will fight to the end because my program is the only one capable of relaunching France , “said Mr. Fillon, adding: ” My battle is that of the projects. My battle is that of ideas. It has always been. ”

A regime crisis if he withdrew?

“I bear the responsibility for a political ambition which is that of the millions of French people who refuse the decline of their country ,” he also said.

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche last week, the former prime minister warned against a “regime crisis” if he were to give up, because “this would lead to depriving a current of thought which is the majority in France of a credible candidate ” . He had reiterated his commitment to withdraw if he was charged.

The National Finance Department, which filed the case, said on Sunday that “no decision is being taken at this stage of the investigation” on suspicions of fictitious jobs of Penelope Fillon and “no timetable is Fixed to date ” .

This statement comes as Le Journal du Dimanche reports that the prosecutor’s decision on the investigation “is expected this week.”

Attacks on Macron and Hamon

In front of the crowd gathered in Saint-Pierre, the candidate of the right also claimed that he was fighting “against the left. That of Mr. (Benoît) Hamon who dreams the impossible because it is incapable of building the possible, who dreams of universal subsidies because he is incapable of creating growth. That of M. (Emmanuel) Macron which is the raft of rescue of all the shipwrecked of Hollande” .

About the former Minister of Economy , who now rises in the polls, Mr. Fillon said that he had also been the “advisor” of François Hollande

“I am fighting against the extreme right that would put France in bankruptcy after six months ,” he finally said. 

Source: François Fillon in Reunion Island: “I will fight to the end”