Hamon-Jadot talks accelerate with hope of a swift agreement

Yannick Jadot, the candidate of the Greens (EELV) since his victory at the primary in October, is moving closer and closer to Benoît Hamon. Ten days after the two candidates shared a lunch, the two campaign teams officially met this Sunday, February 12 to discuss a common program.

The entourage of the Green candidate, wants thinks to move as quickly as possible, as former leader of the Greens, Cécile Duflot, repeats it as often as she can. The MEP himself acknowledged that “it does not go fast enough”. Since the victory of the former Minister of Education, who favors universal income, the end of Notre-Dame-des-Landes project and the prohibition of endocrine disrupters, several conditions have been raised, including the refusal of a “fickle” compromise with the right wing of the Socialist Party (PS).

“No insurmountable obstacles”

“These are no insurmountable obstacles,” believes a supporter of Benoît Hamon who participates in the negotiations. “It’s been only two weeks since Benoit has won and the pace is right for us.” It must be said that the eagerness of the winner of the left primary to lunch with his ecological counterpart had caused cringes at the PS, where it was demanded that the socialist family be assembled before entering into further negotiations.

This task has been accomplished with the presentation of the organizational chart of his campaign this Saturday is the proof.  Benoît Hamon believes he can go thought to the second stage.

The last word to environmental activists

For the one who has made strong progress in the polls since his victory at the primary, the rallying of Yannick Jadot would confirm that the wind blows on his back. But he will not have the last word. EELV, still very close to direct democracy, decided to give its activists and participants in the primary a vote.

A first consultation will be organized during the coming week to validate the holding of the discussions with the socialist candidate. The vote will take place on the internet for three days. In case of no, it would be immediately stopped. They will then be asked to vote again, if possible by 23 February, on the text of the possible joint program and on the principle of discontinuance.

The absence of a green candidate in the first round of the presidential election would be a first since René Dumont in 1974.

“On our side, we do not set a deadline,” said Mathieu Hanotin, the campaign co-director of the Socialist candidate, who does not hide his optimism. Benoît Hamon is already reflecting on the place he will give ecologists in the campaign system he has just presented.

Source: Hamon-Jadot talks accelerate with hope of a swift agreement for the 2017 presidential election