Emmanuel Macron visits Algeria to build international stature

The founder of En Marche! hopes to build relations between Paris and Algeria on the model of the Franco-German relationship, notably with the project of a TV channel that would borrow from both cultures.

More central than left, Emmanuel Macron seems to have managed to impose himself in the political debate of the 2017 Presidential election as the best successor of this social-liberal current that presided over the affairs of France during the five-year term of Francois Hollande. It still remains for the former boss of Bercy, still observed as a curiosity by certain foreign media, to carry out other works, such as build an international stature. This was his aim today, Monday in Algeria, to test his diplomatic talents.

The candidate was received as a Head of State. On the agenda of this one-and-a-half-day trip: a meeting with Abdelmalek Sellal, head of government, and several ministers (Foreign Affairs, Industry and National Education). The candidate wishes to advocate a consolidation of the Franco-Algerian ties, on the model of the Franco-German relationship, with for example the creation of a bi-cultural chain inspired by Arte, the Franco-German television network.

Macron also came with educational proposals, including the plan to open a second French high school in Algiers and increased academic exchanges. “I will propose to the Algerian government the creation of a Franco-Algerian Youth Office, similar to what exists between Germany and France, to promote mobility between the two shores of the Mediterranean,” wrote Emmanuel Macron, in a article published on the Algerian news site All About Algeria (TSA), about his visit to the country.

On the economic front, the former boss of Bercy aspires to multiply the projects associating Paris and Algiers, in the sector of sustainable development in particular. He points out that “thousands of jobs are at stake and especially here in Algeria. In solar, for example, Algeria has the greatest potential in the world!” He wrote. “My concrete proposal will be to create a Franco-Algerian economic community in the renewable sector”, estimating possible 4 billion euros of investments. So many ways to restore the complicated relationship between France and its former colony and to overcome the “fratricidal quarrels” and the “national polemics” that still separate the two shores of the Mediterranean.

This visit of Emmanuel Macron to another area of the Mediterranean border marks the axis of foreign policy that should be his if he were elected president. After visiting Tunisia and Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron is counting on the reconstruction of a powerful cultural, political and economic ensemble that will allow the emergence of a future major partner for the European Union. An objective that the favorite of the polls on the left will reinforce with a visit soon to Morocco.

Source: Emmanuel Macron travaille sa stature internationale avec une visite en Algérie