Marine Le Pen in Nice: “Nothing is done to limit the risk of attack”

During a visit to Nice Monday, Marine Le Pen denounced the lack of measures to prevent the risks of attack and reaffirmed her will to “protect” the borders.

“Nothing is done to limit the risk of attack,” said Le Pen, visiting Nice on the Promenade des Anglais, near the site of the jihadist attack which killed 86 people in July, on the Franco-Italian border. “Of course, zero risk does not exist, but this is 100% risk because we leave people in our territory who have no reason to be there and we know that they are potentially dangers for the safety of the French people,” criticized the candidate of the Front National (FN) in the presidential elections, surrounded by the media as she neared the place of the tragedy.


“Yes, I am a populist, thank you for this compliment”

“The measures that have to be taken have not been,” she added, as Nice received unprecedented security reinforcements before the traditional carnival on February 25. Accused of being a “populist” by the president of Region, Christian Estrosi, Marine Le Pen replied: “Populism is the argument of those who do not! If it means taking care of the people and putting the people at the center of the political debate then yes, I am populist , thank you for this compliment.

“Ending Schengen”.

Accompanied by several regional FN councillors and campaign director David Rachline, Marine Le Pen visited Menton in the afternoon to lunch with suppoters and party members, then visited a police station at the borders (PAF ). “Borders protect, it’s very important. We can not ensure the safety of a people if we are not able to protect and control our national borders,” said Marine Le Pen, who promises to “end Schengen” if elected.

The Schengen area, of which France has been a member since 1995, allows travellers to travel freely with a simple identity document. Since the end of 2015, however, border controls have been re-established, notably in Menton and the surrounding areas.

Source: Marine Le Pen in Nice: “Nothing is done to limit the risk of attack”