Republicians pressure Fillon to hold party meeting over ‘fake job’ allegations

Parliamentary deputies belonging to the conservative Les Républicains (LR) party, whose presidential candidate Francois Fillon is still under investigation over allegation about his wife’s ‘fake jobs’, called for a meeting with Fillon on Tuesday morning.

According to reports from the French news agency AFP, the lawmakers want to outline their discontent with the ongoing controversy, and, according to one deputy, “explain that is impossible to conduct” [a presidential campaign]” with the controversy still raging.

Led by MP Georges Fenech, they met Monday night to discuss the aftermath of the Fillon affair. In an open letter, circulated on Tuesday morning, they demanded the holding of a meeting in order to find a way out of the crisis. A scenario rejected by François Fillon himself.

Dear Francis,

On February 1st, from your campaign seat, you asked us to wait another fortnight, with the conviction that the situation would be clarified favorably.

However, this deadline has expired and no clarification has so far taken place.

Therefore, our concern is very strong in the face of the impediment of our political family, the Republicans, to compete in the presidential election in serenity and dignity.

Therefore, faced with this major crisis, it is your duty to unite without delay the political bureau of our movement, the only legitimate body to decide the conditions in which we can give hope and confidence to the country.

Source: Le texte mort-né de parlementaires LR pour mettre la pression sur Fillon