In Algeria, Macron denounces colonization: “It is a crime against humanity”

In an interview that angered those on the right, the leader of En Marche! stated that France must present her “apologies to those to whom she has committed these gestures of barbarism “.

On the sidelines of his trip to Algeria, Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to the local media Echorouk News . The opportunity for him to return to a still hot topic between the two countries: colonization. “It’s a crime. It is a crime against humanity. It is a real barbarity, and it is part of this past that we must face in the face by also apologizing to those to whom we have committed these gestures,” he denounced.

“At the same time, we must not sweep away all this past, and I do not regret this because there is a nice formula that applies to Algeria: France has installed human rights in Algeria, but simply forgot to read them. It’s a pretty good formula to explain what that period is, that there have been terrible crimes, there has been torture, there has been barbarism, because Colonization is an act of domination and non-recognition of the autonomy of a people. But at the same time, I do not want anyone to fall, while recognizing this crime, in the culture of guilt on which nothing is constructed, ” he said.

The leader of En Marche! also reiterated remarks he made last November when his book Revolution was published : “Yes, in Algeria, there was torture, but also the emergence of a state, of wealth, the middle classes. It is the reality of colonization. There were elements of civilization and elements of barbarism,” he wrote.

Referring to the text, he said today, “No (I do not regret these words), they were taken out of context because I was not talking about Algeria.” Before, however, he asked that his remarks should not be read “as elements which deny the fact of colonization and its barbarism: if some have seen it as such, I apologize to them.”

FN and LR react

Several politicians reacted strongly the day after the interview was put online. François Fillon said the remarks were “unworthy of a candidate for the presidency of the Republic”.  Jean-Pierre Raffarin said on BFMTV: “To oppose the French, to bring out these stories to divide, to remobilize, I see well the electoral concerns that there is behind all this. It is not worthy of a head of state to go agitate scars that are still very painful.”


“Macron, the candidate of the elites, banks, media and … repentance,” lambasted FN Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, on Twitter.

“Not content with wanting to dissolve it in the great globalist bath, Macron denigrates France abroad. And he aspires to preside over it? “Reacted Senator Fritz Rachline.


Source: In Algeria, Macron denounces colonization: “It is a crime against humanity”