Supporters at Macron’s public events directed by instant messenger app

During Emmanuel Macron’s public events, the excitement of the crowd is orchestrated via instant messenger application Telegram.

In front of a meeting of Emmanuel Macron, it is difficult not to be impressed by the fervor of the room. When the founder of En Marche! reveals a proposal, gives his opinion on a political subject or delivers a slogan, the crowd cheers and celebrates his words. An atmosphere that is not that spontaneous. A video broadcast on Monday 13 February illuminates the methods used by a “Team Ambiance” , the team charged with electrifying the room during these meetings. Where we learn that the activists are remotely guided in real time.

Stronger on the right “, “try ‘it will work’,’ ” Emmanuel Macron’s staff told some 140 activists via Telegram, an instant messaging application. Christophe Geoffroy, a supporter of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, unveiled this practice in posted on YouTube, spotted .

The computer developer infiltrated the ranks of Macron supporters during the meeting in Lyon on February 4. After registering on the site of Les Jeunes and volunteering to “participate in the atmosphere of the room”, he was incorporated into a Telegram discussion. “Throughout the meeting, you will be sent instructions to fire up the room,” said the head of the team.

Still more noise for Macron!

The puppeteering of the public during a meeting is not specific to the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. All parties use more or less sophisticated techniques to heat the room. But at En Marche!, the mechanism is particularly elaborate.

With Telegram, “Team Ambiance”, organized by students, multiplies the orders. The motive: always make more noise to the glory of the candidate. “Right Emmanuel Macron, we move ,” ” trumpets go “, ” not as he speaks ,” ” give everything “, ” less of the ‘bravos'” commands these crowd DJs.

As the video shows, an activist cries ” he’s right! ” just a few seconds after a message was posted on Telegram. The organizers, who also encourage activists to display themselves on Twitter, describe to them precisely the photo to be mailed: ” Do not forget to take pictures of you and the crowd (people flushed with flags); And share them with #LaFranceEnMarche“. This does not prevent the “Team Ambiance” from also ordering it’s militants. to ” let go of the spontaneous “.


Source: At the meetings of Macron, the acclamations of the militants remotely guided by smartphone