FrenchElection.online is run by an independent media company based in England. We aim to provide our audience with English language articles about the 2017 French election, and other related political stories.

None of our stories should be taken as an endorsement of a particular candidate or party. We will attempt to give attention to all candidates to give an unbiased view to our readers. We will also try to cover news not otherwise reported in English mainstream media.


Like many other people, we spent the first half of 2016 watching Brexit, and the second half watching Trump. Finding English news about the French Election is difficult, as the majority of sources are in French, and much of the English news is focused on Marine Le Pen. As we were planning on following the upcoming European elections closely anyway, it makes sense that help others find out more as well. We would like to give an unbiased and more rounded view of the election to better inform our readers (and ourselves).

Who Do You Support?

As we aren’t French, it doesn’t seem right for us to give our support to any of the candidates. We don’t know what it is to be French, and we don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the issues French citizens are most concerned about. That said, we are politically left wing, so would likely favour the candidates that lean that way.

About Fake News

Fake news is a genuine concern in the wake of Trump and Brexit, especially with countries such as Russia increasing their French speaking media budget, and America (who’s CIA spied on the last election) legalising propaganda. We will never knowingly attempt to create or help the spread of ‘fake news’, and will always supply a source. If you find fault in the legitimacy or content of our articles, please email the address below, or contact us on Twitter.

Why Should I Trust You?

You shouldn’t. If you want to truly stay informed, use us as one of several sources for a story. We cannot and will not cover every story and every angle. We have created a list of a number of other English (and French) sources for news about the French Elections, to help our readers broaden their view. It is dangerous to only accept only one viewpoint of a story, as you will never get the full picture. Where possible, we will include the source for our articles, and related tags. We will help inform you, but if you want a comprehensive view of a story, it is your job to educate yourself further.

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